Garbage In

Steve Jobs was right–it isn’t the consumer’s job to know what he wants.  For instance, if you’d have asked me yesterday what product I would most like to see I definitely wouldn’t have said a smart trash can.  But now my eyes have been opened and I have seen the future.  (Good news for all of you post-apocalyptic fans–it is not a Wasteland.)

Smart Trash Can

A Japanese inventor has created a trash can that, like an outfielder, moves to catch the stuff you throw towards it.  Since I prefer distance shots and my three-point range is only about 25%, this could save me quite a bit of stooping, not to mention the embarrassing exposure of my lack of athletic prowess.  Using a Wii technology, this can will glide to the right spot, making me look like Chauncy Billups raining treys.

Garbage in.  No garbage out.  Check out this awesome video.

Does this mean a new version of Paper Toss is coming?

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