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The Future of Laundry

Sometimes it seems so obvious that we wonder how we missed it.  I’m reminded of Thomas Huxley’s reaction to first hearing about Darwin’s theory of evolution:  “How stupid of me not to have thought of that.”  The problem is we … Continue reading

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Garbage In

Steve Jobs was right–it isn’t the consumer’s job to know what he wants.  For instance, if you’d have asked me yesterday what product I would most like to see I definitely wouldn’t have said a smart trash can.  But now … Continue reading

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X-Ray Vision

IMDB has been the g0-to site for movie buffs for a long time, before Rotten Tomatoes and before the latest deluge of movie sites.  When Amazon bought IMDB in 1998 it seemed like a good fit, but I wondered what … Continue reading

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Believe in Magic?

Disney World’s new MyMagic+  (pick one): Makes transactions a lot easier, faster and more convenient Provides a very unusual, personalized (and perhaps a bit creepy) experience for kids. Gives Disney an extraordinary amount of information about what their guests do. … Continue reading

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Got Your Ears On?

OK, this is wacky.   It’s off the wall.  And it will probably never make a dime.  BUT … it’s too silly not to show.   The fledgling, under-funded EMOKI has introduced playful ears you can wear and move with … Continue reading

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Good Karma

Ever wished you had a spam filter for snail mail?  Me too.    Receiving irrelevant and unwanted junkmail is not only irritating, it’s  an affront to my environmental sensibilities.  And while I do make the occasional effort to contact companies … Continue reading

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I Almost Didn’t Believe It

Not all innovations involve new technology.   In fact, at SagePoint we tend to favor those that don’t–simple product news that catches our attention and captures our fancy.  But every now and then we find a technology that’s just too … Continue reading

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